May 17, 2012

Do the Most Good with the #GarbageGala: Clothing Designers Needed

I've had the pleasure of connecting with the St. Louis Salvation Army. With "Doing the Most Good" as their motto, I can't help but smile and do what I can to help them. Their wonderful staff emulates their mission with so much love, it's contagious. It's an organization I proudly support.

St. Louis Salvation ArmyI recently attended #TweetTheMostGood hosted by the Social Media Club St. Louis. It was a great networking event, but the purpose was to discuss volunteerism. Throughout the night, while networking and trading business cards, I was able to connect with others for potential volunteer projects. I'm actually meeting with a young lady next week.  I think all of the #TweetTheMostGood attendees would agree that our keynote speaker, Simone Bernstein with St. Louis Volunteen, did a great job making her case for getting involved. Click to see my pictures of #TweetTheMostGood. It was a fun night, and very touching.  I'm even more excited about the Garbage Bag Gala (#GarbageGala)  coming up July 27th.

Doing the Most Good-- Raising Awareness for the Homeless
I don't need to tell you that homelessness is a big deal. We see it all the time. But many of us chose to ignore it because it's easy to ignore a problem when it's not our problem. We're not homeless, so why should we care? That's a the mentality that so many people have. And it's sad because between 2009 and 2010, homelessness in Missouri increased by 12%. The State of Homelessness in Missouri: 2011 Report goes on to state that St. Louis City had twice as many families in transitional housing; 315 more homeless persons than previous years, which is  an increase of 34%. Those numbers are far too high!  Enter the St. Louis Salvation Army Garbage Bag Gala.
St. Louis Salvation Army Garbage Bag Gala 2012
#GarbageGala Helps
July 27th at the Moonrise Hotel
The #GarbageGala raises awareness for homelessness in St. Louis in a fun, entertaining way for a not so fun and entertaining issue. For $45, you get to eat, drink, and watch a fashion show. Designers and models will showcase fabulous designs made out of garbage bags and duct tape, raising awareness for homelessness in our beloved St. Louis. The St. Louis Salvation Army has recruited both male and female models. Your's truly along with @eplastino, @JavaSTL@jenncloud, @cityjars, @BryanWomack@blakespoorbrain,  and the gentlemen from @goelastic@AaronPerlut@colbywg, and @bradfitz8, will be participating.

Designers Needed!!
So here's the deal! We actually need designers for this event. Our models can't be in a fashion show without the latest in garbage and duct tape fashion! This is a wonderful opportunity for designers in St. Louis to make a statement against homelessness and showcase their skills. So, if you're interested, tweet @SalArmyStl. It's a privilege to be apart of this event. Any designer would lucky to showcase their wonderful talents for such a very worthy cause. Chose to take a stand against homelessness in St. Louis.

By the way, I invite you to check out other St. Louis Salvation Army events this summer.